Danny Tong, D.C.

Congratulations! You’ve found me. There are many wonderful chiropractors out there with lots of five star Google reviews. Who would you choose? Hmmm…do you go with this five star chiropractor or go with another five star rating dude? My honest and sincere suggestion for you is to talk to the chiropractor first. This goes for whether you’re searching for a new dentist, massage therapist, physiotherapist or acupuncturist. Anyway, welcome to St. John’s Chiropractic if you haven’t left already. I’ve been practicing chiropractic in my small and cozy Port Moody office since 2000.

I focus on soft tissue therapies and rehabs in many of my treatments. Some injuries require only soft tissue therapies and rehabs. And some conditions require additional specific chiropractic adjustments or cold laser treatments. Therefore, I use various combinations of soft tissue therapies, specific chiropractic adjustments, cold laser and rehabs in treating soft tissue injuries including neck, low back, shoulder, hip and knee pains.

Regardless of what type of treatments is being provided, your safety and well-being are my foremost important priorities. Some patients are reluctant in receiving chiropractic adjustment. And in some patients, chiropractic adjustments are not suitable. Your safety and comfort are never compromised. It is what you prefer and feel comfortable with that count.

If you continue to get knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or whatever ails you despite receiving treatments and exercises, then the solution for your pain has not been discovered. You can either give up and continue living with chronic pain or try something different and new. There is a solution for everything. You just have to find it.