Danny Tong, D.C.

Hello and congratulations! You’ve found St. John’s Chiropractic. Unfortunately, you’ve found me because you’re in pain.  Whether it’s your hips, shoulders, knees or low back, the pain is still there.  If you never had chiropractic treatments before, don’t know what chiropractic is about or perhaps even be leery about chiropractic treatment, my suggestion is to talk directly to a chiropractor or ask someone who has actually been to a chiropractor.  There are many wonderful chiropractors with lots of five star ratings and reviews including me.  LOL!!!   Anyway, welcome to St. John’s Chiropractic if you haven’t left already.  I’ve been practicing chiropractic in my small and cozy office since 2000.

Chiropractic is not about spinal manipulation.  It’s not about snap, crackle and pop.  That’s Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal.  To me, chiropractic is a branch of health care specializes in neuromuscular disorders.  Although most chiropractors use spinal adjustments in treating neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc., many of these neuromuscular pains and disorders can also be treated with soft tissue treatments.

In my practice, in additional to specific chiropractic adjustments, I also implement soft tissue treatments.  Many neuromuscular injuries and pains involving the neck, low back, shoulders, hips or knees can also be relieved with soft tissue treatments.  If the condition requires  additional specific chiropractic adjustment then I would adjust the area only if the patient is comfortable with it.

Regardless of what type of treatments is being provided, your safety and well-being are my foremost important priorities. Some patients prefer soft tissue treatments only and don’t want chiropractic adjustment.  Either way, our safety and comfort are never compromised. It is what you prefer and feel comfortable with that count.

Although the majority of patients sought my treatments through referrals from other patients or from some local medical physicians, there are occasions where people ended up in my office because they’ve tried everything already.  If you continue to get pain whether it’s in your shoulder, hip, knee or whatever, then the solution to relieve your pain and to fix the problem has not been discovered. You can either give up and continue living with chronic pain or try something different and new. There is a solution for everything. You just have to find it.  Take care and best wishes.